How to measure dog?

How to measure your dog

Dog clothes are made by many different manufacturers and just like people clothing, they all use a different method for setting sizes. Once you find an article of clothing you want to purchase, check to see if there is a size chart or guide for that particular manufacturer. Some include weight in their sizing guide and some go with just length and breadth measurements. Next, weigh and or measure your pet so you can select the correct size. If your pet seems to fall between two sizes, you might want to consider whether your pet is a puppy and still growing. If this is the case, going with the larger size will ensure your pet can wear the item a little longer as they grow. If your pet is full grown, you might want to go with the smaller size so that the item fits a little better right from the beginning. Does the garment pull on over the head, like a T shirt, or does it have buttons, a zipper or velcro closures? A garment that pulls on over the head will need to be the correct size or you may wind up with a shirt you can’t get on or one that your pet can just step out of! A garment that has buttons, a zipper or velcro will make it easier to get on and off your pet and offer a little adjustment in the sizing once you have it. You might also want to pay attention to the fabric of the clothing you are looking at for your pet. Some fabrics give or stretch, such as lycra and cotton or polyester blends and some do not, such as satin and some 100% cotton or polyester.

Below is a diagram that will help you see where to measure your pet:
1. Around the neck
2. The body length- from the base of the neck to the base of the tail
3. The girth or chest – around the fullest part of your dog right behind the front legs.

The best way to measure is with a cloth or fabric measuring tape. If you do not have one, use a piece of string or yarn to measure then lay it next to a yardstick, ruler or retractable measuring tape.

dog chart

Remember, the measurements of your pet are what you want to go by, not the size of the clothes….small for Top Paw will not be the same size shirt as a small for All Star Dogs.