How to train your dog to wear clothes?

How to train your dog to wear clothes?

You should begin training your dog to wear clothes from two months old.
Start with things without sleeves, since all dogs do not like them.
When buying shoes, first choose lighter models, like socks.
Put them on the fore feet, play with the dog, let him see and walk in them.
Watch the dog walking on not slippery surface.
Every day increase the time spent in shoes.
When the dog gets used to have shoes on the fore feet, you can put shoes on the hind feet. Use the same approach.
Try to set dressing time as a game. If the animal behaves well, give him a treat.
Do not hurry during the dressing in order not to hurt the dog.
If your pet growls or is aggressive, never shout at him, try to take his attention to something else.
Go for a walk with the dressed animal only after he stops noticing his clothes and shoes on.
The dog should wear clothing for every walk to get it associated with the dressing.

Applying these rules while dressing your pet, you will make clothing a necessity for the animal. And in the future when he sees a new outfit, your dog will show his joy in the way he can.