How to measure cat?

How to measure your cat

Each cat is unique in size; select the size with the closest measurements. To ensure accurate measurements, make sure that your cat is standing properly, not sitting or lying down. Use the size chart above as a guide. We recommend using a fabric measuring tape when determining your cat’s measurements and allow some leeway to ensure a comfortable fit. If you do not have a fabric measuring tape, use a shoelace or any other string and measure it up against a ruler.

1. Chest: measure the widest part of the chest, which is usually 1-2 inches or 3-5 centimeters behind his/her front legs.
2. Length: measure along his/her backbone from the base of the neck to the base of his/her tail.
3. Weight: if you do not know the weight of your cat, weigh yourself holding and not holding your cat. Subtract the numbers, and now you have your cats weight.

cat chart