Dog Apparel

Dog breeds are very different and many of them cannot survive without additional protection. Animals freeze in winter and do not feel comfortable in the fall. Dog clothes is a good protection against adverse weather conditions.

The most popular are the overalls. This practical clothes perfectly protects the pet of any size from all the negative weather effects. Jackets and coats suit well for small dogs. These types of clothes are usually made from water-repellent fabrics with a soft natural liner.

Vests for dogs are also very much in demand. If they have a special handle, you can carry a small dog over a puddle or through a busy street without making your clothes dirty from dog paws.

Bathrobes for dogs have proved to be very useful. Imagine you have washed your pet with thick hair, brought him out of the bathroom, and then while shaking off water, he made wet everything. Bathrobe can prevent this.

Couple of years ago a dressed dog made people laugh, the owner of such animal seemed to be an insane person. But some time passed, and people began to realize that the clothes is not just an accessory, as many believe, it is a remedy for protecting animal from adverse weather.