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Did you know?


As very first clothing for dogs may be considered armor and other accessories for their protection during the war, because those animals were not only house guardians, but also excellent soldiers. Dogs were cherished, had special protective suits with spikes, so during the battle they were difficult to approach.
But if the dog attacked an enemy, he didn’t just bite with his teeth, but also hurt the foeman with protective spikes. Romans did not use dog armor, but their dogs wore special spiked collars.
Dog care in England began in the 18th century. British weather is chilly and rainy. So, small dogs were dressed in raincoats and capes with fashion accessories. Such luxury could afford not many, but Queen Victoria, her attendants and wealthy ladies tried to follow the fashion.
Going out with a not dressed dog was a sign of bad taste – so, dog fashion. The Queen herself became a trendsetter. She graced her dogs’ necks with gem stone collars. In fact, a collar for a dog is already a piece of clothes decorated with jewels and an elegant accessory at the same time. High status people admired the Queen’s taste, followed her example.
Later coats and capes went out of fashion, pet owners wanted something new and exceptional. In the 19th century the French began designing dog clothes and created a fashion house. They had a catalog, where everyone could choose favorite things for their pets, and those things flattered perfectly the figures of aristocratic dogs.
In the 20th century people began to think about clothes for larger dogs, not just large, but huge ones. The Swiss Alps are known for their avalanches, and due to this reason specially trained St. Bernard dogs are at work here. Their good owners take care of smart pets, because they dig a lot of snow helping people caught in avalanches. The overalls, developed at that time, became a real solution and helped to increase the period animals could work.
Dogs were kept warm in Alaska as well. Animals that pulled sleds were dressed in comfortable durable clothing. As you see, back then clothing was a protective accessory. Yakio Kato from Japan became a new creator of dog clothing. One day this fashion designer decided to make some beautiful clothes for his pet. He got it surprisingly outstanding. Dog owners loved dog clothing and fashion. Many of them wanted to have something nice for their four-legged friends. So the fashion designer, who previously created clothes exclusively for people, began to create masterpieces for animals, and even founded his own pet fashion house.

This designer creates not only beautiful and comfortable but also useful clothing. Together with veterinarians he developed special repellent composition that keeps away mosquitoes, flies and fleas. All his animal clothes are treated with this composition, which does not disappear after washing.

The artist believes that urban animals should wear clothes. Indeed, animal paws are not as hardy as it may seem to some people. For example, in the city asphalt gets so hot that it begins to melt, and the dog walks on it without any protection. The paw pads may be hurt badly, and the dog may become disabled.