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Did you know?

While cat apparel seems not to be as popular as dog’s, it appeared in Ancient Egypt many centuries ago. This civilization considered cats as sacred animals. They were worshiped and dressed in jewels. Archeologists found some murals depicting dressed cats along with those dresses themselves made from expensive fabrics and decorated with various jewels.

Tradition to dress cats was popular in France especially at the courts of the Tudors, de Valois and the Bourbons in the 14th – 16th centuries. Royal cats were dressed as luxurious as Royals and court ladies. One of them – Diane de Poitiers, a mistress of Henry II of Valois, always went out with her favorite white fluffy cat. Garments for both of them were sewed by a court tailor. He had to make exactly the same outfit for the fluffy fashionista as for her mistress, including bows, hats, bracelets and many other women’s stuff. According to eyewitnesses, at least two hundred luxury toilettes were in the wardrobe of those two. Many court ladies envied not only Poitiers, but also her famous cat.

And today there is the fashion industry for cats. Designers at best fashion houses develop new models for different seasons. Along with apparel there are all kinds of jewelry and accessories for cats.